Water Balloon Games

During the heat of the summer, what can you do to stay cool? You can stay inside in the air conditioning or venture out for some family fun. These activates are an awesome way to stay cool in the great outdoors.

Materials needed

100 water balloons (more if want to play [...] Continue Reading…

Homemade Popsicles

Materials needed

Variety of Kool-Aid flavors or fruit juice
Popsicle sticks
Popsicle tray (most stores sell this or you can use ice cube trays)
Mixing bowls
Pitchers and sugar (for Kool-Aid only)

Gather all the materials onto your workspace. Explain to the kids that they will be making their own flavorful popsicles. The nice thing [...] Continue Reading…

Father’s Day Paper Weight Craft

The countdown ends…..summer is here!!! We are going to make a special gift just for the dads out there that will be cherished for many years to come. This is a great way to show the dads how much they are appreciated and loved. They will appreciate the thought [...] Continue Reading…

Father’s Day Mason Jar Craft

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Materials needed

Large mouth Mason jars
Permanent markers
Variety of paint colors
Stickers, confetti, foam letters, etc.
Dad’s favorite candy or cookies

Before doing this activity, make sure dad is not home! We don’t want him to know what the kids are making for his special [...] Continue Reading…

Effervescent Rockets

Your family will enjoy this action packed activity. The kids will love watching in anticipation as they wait for their rocket to take flight! Choose a day that is nice and sunny because this experiment will need to be done outside!

 Materials needed

Plastic film canisters with snap-on lids (may be [...] Continue Reading…

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